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You’re not alien to us. The way you found this website was that you were looking for ¬†Internet marketing strategies for your business. I’ve created this website for the sole purpose of helping you succeed.

Who Am I?

I’m Ivan Hoe Herrington. I’m a Leicester resident and I’m just 24 years old. However, without a thought of bragging, I’d like to say I’ve stepped up and started my own Internet company when I was just 19.

In all honesty, I’d like to tell you that Leicester is a city brimming with trade and industry. Despite living here when I was only 10 years old, I saw the quality of products and services there is here. I also saw the values and passion people have when it comes to their work and their business.

So I made a Pledge

Our Beautiful City

Our Beautiful City

It all started when I saw this little man peddling his puppet toys in the street. It was in 2005 when I first learned how to do some HTML coding and basic website development. I thought I’d make this little man a website. I took photos of him during his performance and I wrote a little something about him. The next day, people who saw my posts were flocking his shop and his performance in front of children.

When he found out I was the one responsible for his new success, he could never thank me enough. He also inspired me to pursue ways to advertise more people through the Internet.

Why Me?

It’s actually “why us?” I’ve created my own content creation team to research, analyse and develop branding and marketing materials for my clients in Leicester.

With the help of modern technology and proven and tested knowledge in social media analytics, big data marketing, search engine optimisation for Google and other search engines’ current versions and proper content development, we’ve succeeded in making our network of 400 blogs for 30 clients work effectively with great Return of Investment!

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